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IPO in US Market Assignment Help

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Team of explain the what is an IPO and how does an IPO allow an organization to grow financially. Also assignment writing team describe that when is a merger or an acquisition, instead of an IPO, more appropriate?

IPO and its Importance for Company

According to assignment help online, for a new public company, Initial Public Offering (IPO) is the first opportunity for its customers to invest their money and purchase shares of IPO’s company. It is a procedure to collect finance from external people for improving the performance of company and spread out the operations of company at the marketplace, strongly. Homework help experts describe that with the help of IPO, company can sell its shares in US stock market to get sufficient amount of capital for achieving financial objectives of the company.

In the context of US, an acquisition or merger is more proper direction to cultivate the image of organization instead of IPO because this strategic combination of companies focuses on its strength in front of competitors in US market. Our assignment writing team says that Acquisition or merger is totally different from IPO in US market, because it helps the company to finance for accomplishing any strategic business objectives to remain the profitability of its investors along with stakeholders It also provides easier exposure to the organization for establishing vast base of customers in market.

Have you, personally ever followed an IPO of a stock during studies? Did you actually purchase any shares? Why or why not? After reading about IPO's in the text, would you consider purchasing shares of an IPO in US market the future?

Purchase of Shares through IPO’s

No, I have not personally ever followed an IPO of a stock because of my lack of interest.  Management homework help experts, personally believe in the security options related any investment that must be provided by financial institutions or local government. In the case of IPO, there is no security of banks and local government that can secure investment and its value that should be delivered after selling it in an open market. As like financial institutions, According to the assignment help experts, IPO in US marketing has no brand loyalty, that's why our assignment writing help team would like to invest my money in purchasing shares of a well-known company.  
Purchasing of Shares by IPO’s in Future

After reading the homework help about IPO’s, our homework help experts would not like to purchase shares of any company through IPO in upcoming future, because it could not be a best option for to invest my money to purchase shares from US stock market. The characteristic of US stock market states that the condition of US market is not certain, therefore, it could make negative impact on companies IPO also . So, after purchasing shares from US stock market, it is also possible that market would not work well and it could affect the value of my investments negatively. Therefore, our assignment writing team would not like to invest in the IPO of a company.      

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Organizational Behavior Management Help

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In the homework help you will get answer of the following questions :
People, Technology and Management

Behavior of people cannot be predicted with 100 % precision.

a. What causes people to behave differently in similar situations? 

b. To what degree can we predict their behavior? Give an example of a situation in which the prediction is simple and one in which it is difficult or impossible.

c. Can Organizational Behavior help us to increase the probability of some predictions? Why do you think so? 

Causes of Behaviour 
According to all of us are aware with the fact that people behave differently in similar situations and it is due to their own behavior and personality. Every individual had different personality and as well as he has his own way of thinking that inspires his behaviour. At a similar situation, all of us give different and diverse reactions that are all because of causes of behaviour.. People’s behaviour is inspired by different internal and external causes that in turn direct them to behave differently in similar situations. If you still  have confusion then do contact us with our homework help experts writers. Our Australia assignment help writers will explain you in all detail by phone or e-mail.

Internal causes of behaviour are thought to be under an individual’s control. This could also be understood with an homework help experts example like I believe that my assistant manager performance is poor because he is often late to work. On the other hand, external causes are conceived to be beyond a person’s control like in above example; I can say his performance is poor because his Windows operating system is old In a similar situation I can react in two different ways and it is due to internal and external causes of behaviour.

In this way, every people react in a different way in similar situation in regard to diverse internal and external factors. These factors may vary on the basis of people’s environment and surroundings. Internal factors can be controlled but external factors cannot be controlled as these are beyond individuals’ control. By identifying internal and external causes the reasons in regard to people behaviour can be justified. provides the Prediction of People Behaviour
To a certain degree only behaviour of individuals can be predicted as it is highly due to their internal causes. External causes can be identified easily but it is not possible to identify internal causes of behaviour. With significant advancements in research, it has become possible to predict human behaviour but still it has not attained 100% accuracy. The field of psychology and its advancements had developed various models and personality theories that illustrate individuals’ reaction in similar situations on the basis of their personality. Still the field of psychology has not able to attain perfection and accuracy .    

Individuals can predict an employee’s work behaviour in a given situation like if an employee is offered reward will be motivated and this in turn will increase his performance and productivity. The prediction of this kind of behaviour is simple as it is the general tendency in every human being . On the other hand situations like an individual have to take decision regarding his life or future is difficult as it totally depends upon his own feelings and behaviour.

In this way, it can be said that the prediction of human behaviour is possible at some extent only as every individual has different background and environment that inspires his though and behavior. General tendencies or reaction about life and work can be predicted but it is not sure that the predication made is always correct as internal and external causes of behaviour keeps changing (Harris & Hartman, 2001).   

Significance of Organizational Behaviour to Increase Probability of Predictions 

Homework help experts say that Prediction of human behaviour is difficult but it can be done effectively with the help of organizational behavioural field. Organizational behaviour can significantly increase the probability of some predictions. Organizational behaviour is a field of study that inquires the affect that individuals, groups, and structure have on behaviour within an organization, and then puts on that knowledge to make organizations work more efficaciously and in improve way. Distinctively, OB concentrates on how to ameliorate productivity, decrease absenteeism and turnover and step-up employee citizenship and job satisfaction by affecting employees’ behaviour
 The field of OB provided organizations and its management with different theories and approaches through which they can analyze the behaviour and personalities of their employees. By studying OB one can fine different ways to affect individuals’ behaviour as it provides models and theories that identify different causes of behaviours and different types of personalities and their reactions . By making use of different theories of OB, one can easily identify the behaviour of a group or individuals. OB provides a basic outline of individuals’ nature that in turn can be used effectively to predict their behaviour in regard to a situation.
Without making use of theories of OB, one can only give an estimate about an individual’s nature and behaviour but with the use of OB he can easily identify basic causes of his behaviour. The information regarding causes of behaviour or personality will increase the probability of some human behaviour predictions that was not possible without OB : What is Organizational Behaviour, n.d.). All of have diverse thoughts about the behaviour of people. Some of our thoughts may render exact penetrations into human behaviour whereas several are wrong but this is not the case with OB.
Organizational behaviour makes use of organized and planed study to advance predictions of behaviour that are usually made from perception alone. As people are different and from different backgrounds it is essential that all of us consider OB to predict their behaviours OB assists in predicting human behaviour with a contingency framework and situational variables that control cause-effect relationships. The field of OB assist managers with different theories of personalities like The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Big Five Personality Model, Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire and other personality traits (The identification of individuals’ personalities assists them in predicting individuals’ behaviour in specific situations. Without making use of OB, individuals cannot provide rational aspects about an individual’s behaviour but with the use of OB they can become able in providing systematic rationale of an individual’s behaviour.  This field assist in identifying individuals’ emotions, perceptions and motives that are actually internal causes of behaviour. Identification of internal causes of behaviour was difficult in past but with the introduction of OB and its advancements it has also become possible. 
Identification of internal causes with the help of different aspects of OB had substantially increased the probability of some human behaviour predictions 

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Impact of Budget on Company Morale

In this post, you will get the idea how budget affect company morale and how budgetary process be made more beneficial to avoid any negative impact a budgetary concept can portray. You will get the answer of the follwoing qyestions :

1. How can a budget affect company morale?  How could the budgetary process be made more beneficial to avoid any negative impact a budgetary concept can portray? 

2. How does contribution margin differ from controllable margin in a responsibility report for a profit center?  How do controllable costs and non-controllable costs impact a manager's budget and decision making process?

Answer 1

Impact of Budget on Company Morale
A budget has both positive and negative impact over company morale. The budget padding, in which management considers unrealistic targets, reduces the employee morale and consequently company morale. On the other hand, a budget with accurate targets and measures increases employees’ effectiveness to perform their tasks that causes an increase in company morale. The bottom-up budgeting also provides benefits to the company in term of morale as it involves several people in making budgets (Sottini, 2009). On the other hand, top-down approach of budgeting process reduces company morale as budgeting process is performed by top management only without considering the other employees.

Elimination of Negative Impacts of Budgetary Concepts
The budgetary concepts may pose different negative impacts over an organization. In order to eliminate these negative impacts, the management of an organization should follow the bottom-up approach of budgeting. This budgetary concept will involve all the employees in making budgets and will facilitate more effective utilization of resources (Sottini, 2009). At the same time, it will also be effective to determine the appropriate measures and targets for the employees that would cause an increase in the effectiveness of employees and consequently organizational profitability. 

After reading of the Impact of Budget on Company Morale, You must read the Total Quality Management (TQM) because TQM refers to management methods used to enhance quality and productivity in organizations. 

Answer 2
Contribution Margin & Controllable Margin
The contribution margin determination distinguishes between fixed and variable cost in reporting the management. It can be defined as the difference between sales price and variable cost. On the other hand, controllable margin can be defined as the contribution margin less controllable fixed cost. The responsibility center reports for a profit center, in which, it defines controllable margin that is computed by deducting controllable fixed cost from the contribution margin, while the contribution margin is computed by deducting variable costs only (Weygandt, Kimmel & Kieso, 2010). Any type of fixed cost, whether controllable or not, is not deducted to calculate contribution margin.
Impact of Controllable and Non-controllable Costs
The controllable and non-controllable cost has significant impact over the budgeting and decision making process of management. it is because; managers are directly responsible for the profit remaining after subtracting all the controllable expenses. The budget is prepared by considering the controllable costs as appropriate and sophisticated cost system helps to increase the proportion of controllable cost in the business (Pizam, 2005). The controllable and non-controllable costs also help to determine the accurate cost of output that helps the mangers to make the unit decisions. Thus, controllable and non-controllable cost increases the effectiveness of managers in budgeting and decision making.


Pizam, A. (2005). International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management. Butterworth-Heinemann.
 Sottini, M. (2009). IT Financial Management. Van Haren Publishing
Weygandt, J.J., Kimmel, P.D. & Kieso, D.E. (2010). Accounting Principles (9th ed.). John Wiley and Sons.

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