Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Career Opportunities in Management?

Management is a hot and a favorite subject of students and people. It is growing with booming economies, industrial infrastructures, technological development and increasing demands of management experts’ day-by-day. In a very short time, management has become the most popular subject among the students and career seekers as maximum number of students want to join management as a career even they have an engineering background. What do management experts do? Management is essential in business, organizations, social activity, etc. therefore management experts are a must to handle overall operations of a project or task planned by the organization or groups. Management experts are not just master in administration but they are responsible for each and every operation executed in the organization whether it is to start a new project, expansion of business or to deal with daily routine official problems like unsatisfied employees, lack of finance, etc. They are hired to maintain a systematic and smooth functioning in the office. What are salary packages? Salary is not a constant in management jobs as it may start from US$ 40,000 and can follow the package of million dollars per annum. Everything depends on the job designation, responsibilities and the nature of job. There are several levels in management jobs starting from marketing executive to CEO or Managing Director of the company. It is a matter of academic qualification as well as professional experience and guts including the candidate’s own personality. Additionally you can grow and reach the top position with your skills. Which branch of management is good? Although there are several branches of management, all are good but some of them are quite helpful to make a bright future like finance, marketing, HR etc. You can opt for anyone as major and another as minor subject during your management study to get more exposure. Assignment Help Here you should choose carefully the combination of major-minor subject to enjoy a bright future. Besides, we can see some new fields in the trends like NGO management, strategic Management, petroleum management, quality management and so on. How to make a career in management? To adopt a management career is a quite simple task in comparison of other career fields like engineering, medical, physics or mathematics. You can choose management subjects at any level of education from school education to Master’s degree. Likewise you can enter in a management field after getting your Ph.D. degree in some another subjects like science, arts, commerce or engineering. Some schools may not allow you to join their course but most institutions will appreciate you, if you have an excellent academic record.

How to Help Your Kids in a New School?

It is very hard to get admission in good schools but while kids succeed, parents must prepare their children into adjusting in new schools. There they are introduced with new friends, new teachers, new traditions with a fully strange environment. Aside it, they have a fresh memory of previous school’s friends where they studied for one or more years, since they have to learn new place’s rules. Transition from a school to another brings unexpected situations for children as well as their parents and parents find them in a dilemma of how to tackle the situations. Here are some practical ways to help your kids in new school’s environment. Find someone known. Usually parents want to admit their children in a new but prestigious school where a child from our friend circle or relations is studying already. If you know that little child, you may contact him/ her to go with your kids. He/ she will feel comfortable with a known smiling friend in a new school. Motivate your children. Children are like blank paper on which you can write what you want to read. While they are moving from a school to another, you should prepare them mentally so they can feel relax in new school as if they are ready to grab the new opportunities.Assignment Help Sometimes it may take time, but it is much better to make them understand that they are going to a better school. Welcoming teachers. In a new school, a teacher is the most expected person who can help a child. You should consult with your kid’s new class teacher to request for the kid. He/ she would be pleased to help into adjusting in new environment. While the child will see the known face as a teacher he/ she will feel ease to express his/ her emotions and will say thanks to parents. Get your kid’s registration in co-curricular activities. As a parent you know what your child’s favorite activity is. Meet school administration to gather details about co-curricular activities in school. It is another relaxing way to adjust in new school, so your child can learn to interact with new social groups of friends. This activity will not only help him/ her in school life but will lead him/ her to all walks of life. Teach your kid making new friends Although making new friends is a by-birth qualification but with little practice you can teach it to you child. Making new friends will always help your children to find new friends at everywhere whether he/ she is going to heaven or a war front. Besides it, this will initiate social characteristics in the child so he/ she can make friends anywhere regardless the even or odd situations. Go with him/ her school on first day. In the last, as a ritual, go with your child to school on the first day. It works like a miraculous moral support for children and they feel confident that they have their parents to tackle the situations.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Data Collection Methods in Research

Data collection plays an important role in the research study. In order to achieve research objectives, researcher designs a data collection procedure that is clear, unbiased, reliable and valid. This helps researcher to answer all the research questions with the help of evidences.Assignment Help The researcher used data collection methods to gather information and data in a systematic way. The main aim of data collection method is to collect high quality data and information through survey, interviews, academic journals and articles (Houser 2007).

There are two types of data collection method such as primary and secondary data collection methods that helps researcher to collect the data and information in a systematic way. Primary data collection method helps researcher to understand the view of people related to the research issue. In primary data collection, research includes survey, interviews, observations, experiments etc. While, in the secondary data collection method, researcher includes various journal articles analysis, books, historical data and records, literature review analysis etc. (Mcnabb 2007).

In this research, researcher used both qualitative and quantitative research design methods that helps researcher to collect both primary and secondary data for the research. Qualitative research design helps researcher to collect primary data. At the same time, quantitative research design helps researcher to collect secondary data from books, articles, literature review etc. (Houser 2007).