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Business Plan for Classic Car

Executive Summery

At present time, business plan is an important part of an organization to make success of the firm into competitive market. To make success of launching the classic cars in Ballina, it is important for the firm to make effective and well defined business plan. The lifestyle of people over there allows them to have a classic car. The company is targeting those customers who love luxurious products. The company provides car with several new features along with the old features like huge space, smooth running and more mileage etc. The company is expecting to get 20% of consistent growth year by year. The aim of the company is to get maximum amount of share in a particular period. The company has promoted the car and its features through newspapers, road shows and created awareness among the customers. Company is also known to the fact that it will face competitions from the competitors who are already in the field.

The Company has thoroughly worked on the 4P’s of marketing and hopefully believes good response from the target people.  The company has gone through all the weaknesses and threats to the company and worked to sort it out. Company promises to give three year free service if some problems arise out. The company has come up with through market survey and analysis of all potential things necessary for an organization to be successful.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 4
Business Objectives. 4
Business Structure and Legal Requirements. 4
Stakeholder Analysis. 5
SWOT Analysis. 5
Business and Personal History. 6
Insurance and Risk Minimization Information. 7
Product and Services Details. 7
Customer Profile. 8
Market Segmentation Information. 8
Competitor Information. 8
Marketing Plan. 9
Business Location and Image Information. 10
Financial Plan and Cash Flow Summery. 11
Cash Flow Statement 11
Income Statement 12
Balance Sheet 12


In present scenario, business plan plays a vital role in the success and failure of the business in terms of achieving it’s predetermine goals and objectives. This business plan will be developed for “Classic Car”. There will be discussion on various aspects of business plan like, business objectives, stakeholder analysis, SWOT analysis and customer & competitor analysis.

Business Objectives

Business objectives refer to predetermine and clear defined target for a business. Plans can then be made to achieve these targets in terms of business plan. Following are some of the objectives of classic car business in Ballina (Kurtz, 2008).
·         To increase market share of Classic car market in Ballina
·         To increase profitability
·         To survive in the market in crucial condition
·         To grow at a constant rate
·         To create awareness among customers regarding classic car

Business Structure and Legal Requirements

In global era, it is important for a firm to structure the business according to the legal requirement of a particular country. For classic car business, it would be better to enter as a sole proprietorship. The firm will develop or make structure of the business according to the governmental rules and regulations of Ballina. The firm will contact suppliers with a requirement of rare parts and built a portfolio of suppliers to enable one to access the raw materials. There are over 700 types of licenses issued by a federal, state and local government to regulate the activity of any business. Following are some of the legal requirements (Harvey& Hodges, 2007).
·         Registration of Australian Business Number: It is very important for any business in Australia to apply for an ABN which includes all the information regarding the business.
·         Registration of domain name: It will make easier for the government to recognize the type of business.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder’s analysis is very important for a newly started business as it opens the doors of opportunity for the business. Before starting the business for classic car in Ballina, information will be gathered regarding the needs and wants of the customers in the market. Buyer and supplier for the business will be analyzed. Target customers, potential customers and other aspects for running business will be analyzed. Another aspect of this analysis is to know the way of thinking of stakeholder about the car and project. It will help the organization to communicate and engage these key stakeholders in best possible way within or outside the organization.

SWOT Analysis

·         Stylish aesthetic look that have capability to attract customers is the strength of the firm
·         Comfortable for a long drive and have a quite solid body is also another strength
·         Available in attractive colors and have a powerful engine (Böhm, 2009)
·         High prices of the car is one of the major weakness of the firm
·         Classic car requires more maintenance that is also its weakness
·         Consume more fuel and a very low mileage is also included in the weakness of the firm
·         Another major weaknesses with this car is the availability of spare parts are not sufficient
·         There is an opportunity to attract the customers through car shows. It provides world wide appeal through its beautiful look. The resale value of the car is quite good.
·         Use the available part in the market and set the price according to the income of the target group.
·         High competition works as a threat for the firm
·         Traffic congestion is another threat for classic car
·         Legal restrictions are another threats coming while import and export of classic cars

Business and Personal History

  The history of the classic car starts from the end of 2nd World War through the 1970s. During this time some of the automakers have made some of the most beautiful and exiting car the world has ever seen ((Leffingwell & Newhardt, 2006). One of the most famous cars of that time was the Tucker Torpedo. It had a top speed of 120 mile per hr very fast for that time (Zuehlke, 2007). As a business point of view there is a wide scope of classic cars in Ballina, NSW because of its consistent growth. Now there are a no of people who can afford classic car there.It has become a matter of prestige for them and in order to increase the standard of living people don’t even hesitate to buy the luxurious cars too. So, having a business of classic car over their can really be explored.

Insurance and Risk Minimization Information

In globalization, every business involves some sort of risk in it and classic car business is also not an exception. The best way to tackle these risks is to get insurance of the offered products or services from any insurance company. But it is not possible every time so best possible way is to perform the risk analysis which includes the following steps (Reuvid, 2005).
Identify threats: First step of risk analysis is to identify the threats faced by the organization. These threats may be political, technical, natural or financial. Analyzing these risks is very important as to know where the company is lacking (Kaye & Graham, 2006). The firm will identify these risks.
Estimate risk: The firm will find the livelihood of threat being realizes and assess its impact. One approach to this is to make best estimate of the probability of the event occurring.
Managing risk: Once the risk have been estimated the organization will start looking at the ways to manage them. These can be managed through following ways. Existing resources can be used to counter risk. The organization will change responsibility and internal controls. Contingency plans will be made to fight against these (Sadgrove, 2005).

Product and Services Details

The classic car provided by the company would include all necessary features of a classic car. Apart from this a survey would be done among the target customers about any additional features they would like to include. There would be enough space inside the car for at least six persons. The engine would be small but very powerful and wheels used will be very wide so as to minimize the chance of any accidents. There would be un-crushable passenger box and a padded dashboard which will protect during accident to inside persons. The company would provide free maintenance up to three years from the date of purchase.

Customer Profile

The company would target a specific consumer who can afford such luxuries. The firm will target high class of families with high income, professional like doctors, lawyers etc. The target customer for classic car would be the persons who are passionate about classic cars Dissatisfied customers from other cars will also recognize to know about their extra needs and wants about the cars (Leland& Bailey, 2006).

Market Segmentation Information

            Market segmentation is the process of identifying the key groups or segments within the general market that share specific characteristics and consumer habit. As the company provides classic car with great abundance of ease and comfort so its target segment will be the psychographic segmentation. As this segment will contain consumer with social class, lifestyle and personality so it would be easy for the company to sell its car within this target segment (McDonald& Dunbar, 2004).

Competitor Information

There are a huge number of competitors for classic car in Ballina market. Some of them are as follows.
Ford Motor Company: Ford motor a multinational corporation is one of the largest automaker companies in the world. Ford motors have a different variety of classic car such as Ford Mustang Fastback, King Cobra Mustang Rumble, Mercury Cougar Eliminator kapaki, Lincoln Continental Mark III Kapak. (Bingham& Robson, 2001). It is the biggest competitor of classic car.
GM:  GM is another big name in the field of classic cars. It’s Cadillac has captured the heart of the classic car seekers since 1902. During 1999 its sales fell down to 47 percent. Some of its models are Opel, Pontiac, Saturn (About GM, 2010)
Volkswagen: One of the largest manufacturers of automobiles in the world is also having a great variety of range in classic car. Volkswagen with its beetle entered into the car market and soon it become the leader in the market. Now it has a wide range of classic cars such as Volkswagen Scirocco, Volkswagen Jetta, and Volkswagen Polo etc (About Volkswagen, 2010).

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan for classic car will involves the analysis of 4P’s as product, price, place and promotion. These are as follow:
The Product: (Classic car)
The marketing related definition of a product is anything that can be presented to a market which may satisfy the needs or wants of the customers. The products are two types physical and non-physical. The classic car is a physical one but it is also non-physical as it provides after sales service (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). The classic car will have all the necessities of comfort and comfortable for the long drive. The car will have wide wheels to have a better grip on the road and along with this it will also having a tool which would help during accidents. In this car six persons can sit at a time.
Price refers to the assigned monetary value of a product or services. Choosing right pricing strategy is crucial in the market. Many factors will keep in the mind before deciding right price which includes cost of production, competitors pricing analysis, demand of target market and consumer demand. Being a classic car, the price would generally focus for a specific group and it would be very reasonable in comparison to its competitor.
Place refers to the market place where the company wants to sale its products. Here the company will target the market place of Ballina in NSW where it would sale it car through dealers.
The classic car would be promoted through advertising, personal sales representatives and various campaigns. The features and benefits of the car would be promoted in several ways through internet, social media, newspaper, press release, broachers and posters (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005).

Business Location and Image Information

The company would establish its business at a prime location so that it would be easy for the company to target the specific group. The location could be such that all the necessary things would be available nearby. It would be at the heart of Ballina, so, that customers can easily reach there. The company would try to reach maximum number of customers through its prime location (Zuehlke, 2007).

Financial Plan and Cash Flow Summery

Financial plan is the document setting out the objectives of the company, the forecast income and expenditure. It is a budget plan which will allocate future income to meet future expenditure. The financial plan of a company can be made through preparing income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Following is the financial plan of classic car company.

Cash Flow Statement

For the month ended January 31, 2009         
Operating Activities
            Net Income                                                                                               $       7000
            Plus Depreciation Expense                                                                                1000
            Less Gain on Sale of Stock                                                                                (500)
Less Increase in Account Rec.                                                                                  (10000)
           Plus Increase in Account Pay.                                                                          20000
            Increase in Interest Pay.                                                                                       500
 Cash Flow from Operating Activities                                                               $     18000
            Investing Activities
            Purchase of Equipment                                                                                  (60000)
            Purchase of Securities                                                                                      (3000)
            Sale of Securities                                                                                              3500
Cash Flow from Financing Activities                                                                $    (59500)
            Financing Activities
            Insurance of Stock                                                                                    $    200000
            Increase in Note Payable                                                                                  50000
Cash Flow from Investing Activity                                                                    $    250000
Total Cash Flow                                                                                                    $    209000
Beginning Cash                                                                                                                     0
            Ending Cash                                                                                             $    209000

Income Statement

For the Month Ending 31 March, 2009
      Total sales                                                                                                     $ 450000
                Cost of goods sold                                                                                 248000
                Selling expenses                                                                                       32000
                 Bad debts                                                                                                    600
                Rent and electricity                                                                                    2700
                Insurance                                                                                                   12400
                Wages                                                                                                       22300
                Repair and maintenance                                                                             1200
                Advertising and promotion                                                                         3200
        Income before tax                                                                                           127600
        Taxes 20%                                                                                                         25520
        Net Income                                                                                                      102080

Balance Sheet

As on 31st March 2009
Cash                                                            34000
Cash at bank                                               23000
Inventory                                                    43600
Accounts Receivable                                  24400
Land and Building                                     132000
Total Assets                                               257000

Capital                                                          34000
Supplier                                                        31000
Accounts Payable                                        22500
Long term debt                                            89500
Bank loan                                                     55000
Profit                                                            25000
Total liability  & Equity                           257000



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